Wednesday, March 28, 2012

interview: nick trapp

self-portait of Nick
I first learned about Nick Trapp's artist skills when I came upon a video on Facebook of him drawing a classmate.  Nick put a standalone video camera behind him as he drew, and then edited the film down so that you could see how the drawing evolved an a few minutes.  His rendering of our classmate was so spot on, I was amazed.  He captured this guy's essence, and I wanted to see more of Nick in action.  Soon after, I saw that Nick posted an offer to draw for people if they sent photos of their subjects into him.  He was trying to grow his YouTube channel, and though this would be a good incentive.  I quickly subscribed to this channel and sent him a picture of my brother.  I thought it would be a great present for my mom and dad.  Nick later got in touch with me and I was blown away again by his ability to capture my brother so perfectly.  He'd never even met him.  There was no way I could keep the drawing  from my parents, so I gave it to them last weekend.  They were thrilled and asked me to contact him about drawing me, too.  Typical parents!  Anyway, I so wanted to share Nick's talent with you, so I asked him if he would answer a few questions about himself and his art.  Below are his thoughtful responses, as well as some pictures of his art. 

Who or what inspires you?People inspire me. Their personalities, their faces, everything that makes a person truly unique. I always strive to capture a person's individuality when I draw their portrait.
As far as artists go, ever since I was little I have been attracted to Norman Rockwell's work. He is able to portray so much character and energy in his paintings; every scene is filled with so much life.

Who or what do you consider your most important form of support?I am so grateful that my friends and family have always supported me. Most of all I feel support from the love that I give and receive through my artwork. Love is what drives me to share my talent with the world.

How has your art evolved over time?I started off doodling and scribbling, making abstract finger paintings. Sometimes, I would even made up my own styles of writing. I drew things that caught my eye, trying to copy them exactly; I guess I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to art. I was really into comic books as a kid, so I drew a lot of super heroes. I imagine that's where my love of drawing people started. I slowly progressed over the years experimenting with different media, but my favorite is still pencil. I took nearly every class offered at my high school. College is where I finally found that portraits are what I love to do.

Nick's favorite piece of his own work

What’s your favorite piece of your own art and why?My favorite piece would have to be my largest one. It is a 41" x 32" portrait that I did of myself and one of my good friends. I spent so much time on it that, to be honest, I loathed it by the time I finished it. I love it now because it is my biggest accomplishment and it reminds me that I can finish any drawing no matter how big or how long it takes.

Nick's rendering of one of the dorms on our college campus

Who’s your biggest fan?My biggest fan, without a doubt, is my mom. None of my pieces are ever bad according to her, even when I know that some of them have been.

Nick's drawing of my brother, which he drew based on the picture I sent him on the right.

Final words? Advice for other artists and aspiring artists?Art is what inspires you to express and share your talent with others. It is not just drawing, painting, singing, etc., art is the giving and receiving of love through whatever form best suits you. Do what you love to do and never stop giving of yourself.

Thank you so much, Nick for sharing your art and words! 

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