Wednesday, May 16, 2012

food truck friday

A few pictures from our first Food Truck Friday.  We had a blast, Dusty behaved like a champion and the food was great.  But, the lines were long and some trucks sold out of food quickly.  So next time we plan to head down early so we can check out more trucks and avoid long waits.


  1. food trucks? I'm not sure I know what that kind of event is ... looks like Dusty had the best time! :D

    1. oh! food trucks are the best! food truck friday it's exactly what it sounds like. a bunch of trucks liscensed to sell food line up in a park and serve tacos, gyros, cupcakes, crepes and all other sorts of fun food to hungry customers. People bring chairs and blankets and spread out in the park to enjoy their food. Some play frisbee, some make it a family affair.

      A few food truck vendors have brick and mortar stores, of which their trucks are an extension (L'Ecole Culinaire has a truck that their students cook for, and Pi's Pizza retaurant has a truck that sells a few of their top-seller pizzas). Others have developed a loyal customer base by parking on various streets of St. Louis (you can track their route by following their Twitter feed) and selling food curbside in a different place each day.

      If you ever have the chance to eat at a food truck, go for it! The food is usually unique, tasty and made ethically. And it's usually pretty inexpensive, too.

    2. how cool! thanks so much for explaining it in detail for me! I'll go for it if I ever have the chance. don't know if they do this in Europe ... I had only seen food trucks on music festivals, but that's a little different.


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