Thursday, February 2, 2012

lip-smacking good: part 2: asparagus and strawberry salad

I'm the kind of person who likes to have a lot going on in their salad.  Not just some measely mixed greens and dressing, ok?  Maybe its the vegetarian (ok technically, pescevarian, but that sounds so pretentious, so I stick to identifying myself as a vegetarian who eats the occassional fish) in me, but I often eat salads as a meal and so the more veggies and fruits and other interesting things I can mix in, the better.  I made this salad the other night and really liked how it turned out.

The Goods:

half bag of mixed greens
8 golden grape tomatoes
6 strawberries
1 avocado
8 asparagus shoots
2 tsp olive oil
a handfull of parmesean
salt and pepper to taste
your favorite dressing (I usually default to caesar of some sort, but a fruity dressing would work well, too)

optional: meat or fish of your choice.  I chose ahi tuna steak from Trader's the other night.  You will want marinade or bbq sauce if you go this route.


Marinate the tuna in a teryaki marinade.  This works best if you do it overnight, or at least make it the first step and grill the tuna last.  I did not have the foresight to marinade overnight, so I just poured a liberal amount of bbq sauce on the tuna after grilling.  Tasted fine to me, though I'm sure it would be better having marinated.

Slice your asparagus shoots in half and dip into the olive oil.  Place asparagus on the grill for several minutes, rotating to ensure they grill evenly.  I use my George Foreman for this, and it grills my asparagus to perfection.

Cut up your tomatoes, strawberries and avocado.  Toss with mixed greens in large salad bowl.  Add asparagus, dressing and salt and pepper.

Grill your tuna for about 6 minutes to make it medium-rare.  Add bbq sauce to taste.

Enjoy with parmesean bread!

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