Wednesday, September 5, 2012

apple picking

We celebrated Labor Day picking apples with Joe's brother and sister-in-law in a co-worker's backyard orchard. 

Amazingly enough, we had the orchard all to ourselves, and found out later that we were the first to stop by the orchard this season.

We loaded up on apples and talked about all the recipes we hoped to make with our apple abundance (apple butter, apple crisp, apple pie, apple cobbler).

Joe's sister-in-law is a master pie maker, so we drove to my parent's house near the orchard to make something good out of our apples and share our apple bounty with my mom and dad. 

My mom owns an apple corer and peeler contraption (pictured below) that fascinated the boys, and got them involved in the pie making. Nothing like mechanical contraptions to get guys to participate in activities they might normally shy away from! The pie was amazing, and we finished it off in no time.
What is your favorite thing to make with freshly-picked apples?

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