Friday, February 3, 2012

dusty the destroyer: protein powder edition

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Late last year I made the mistake of leaving the pantry door ajar before I headed off to work one morning.  When I returned home that evening, it smelled like chocolate in my apartment.  Suspicious, I rounded the corner and found, to my horror, a mound of protein powder, piled like a large ant hill, on the carpet right in front of my kitchen door (I would later find 3 additional mounds in the rest of the house).  Boxes of pasta, old plastic grocery bags, paper plates and other pantry items lined my kitchen floor, with nary an exposed tile in sight.

dusty smiling sweetly

The protein powder stuck to the carpet in damp clumps, since Dusty had not only dumped the cans (yes I said cans.  2 protein powder cans and 1 can of white hot chocolate mix!) of powder, but also licked much of it so that it stuck to the floor and could not be vacuumed up.  I used a metal fork to get under the clumps and pull them off piece by sticky piece.  Three-and-a-half hours later, I had cleaned all four mounds up.  Moral of the story: close your pantry door before leaving for the office and dog-proof your home.  Moral # 2, avoid buying large containers of protein powder. Moral #3, pop in dog-training videos that I got for Christmas, pronto!

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