Friday, September 14, 2012

out and about in st louis: balloon glow

The Great Forst Park Balloon Race
Friday, September 14th  7:00-8:30PM, fireworks at 9:00PM
Central Field, Forest Park

I cannot wait for the annual Great Forest Park Balloon Glow tonight.  It is by far my favorite event to take place in St. Louis and I look forward to it with much anticipation every year. This year 70 balloonists will inflate and their balloons across Central Field, lighting them up in unison to the sound of a horn set to go off every 15 minutes.  Standing amidst the billowing, bright synthetic fabric, illuminated by bursts of fire you have the opportunity to talk with the pilots about how they discovered ballooning and what fuels their love of the sport.  I would recommend taking the MetroLink downtown as parking can be a nightmare.  If you can't make the Glow, the next best thing might be the Balloon Race that follows on Saturday morning at the same location.

Rocky Raccoon at the Dogtown Street Musician Festival!

3rd Annual Dogtown Street Musicians' Festival
Saturday, September 15th 12:00-7:00PM
1200 Tamm Ave.

The only competitive street musician festival in the nation, this festival allows twenty four street musicians to play in front of judges for Best of Show, Best Original Song and other awards. Come be part of the audience and listen to some of St. Louis best street musicians. 

How are you spending your weekend?

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