Thursday, April 26, 2012

24 while 24

1.       Learned not to say yes when I really mean no (and vice-versa)
2.       Totally changed my mind about something major
3.       Learned to drive (finally J )
4.       Got bangs

5.       Lost terribly at laser tag
6.       Shared in a close friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid
7.       Quieted my inner-perfectionist
8.       Had a few prodigal son moments (as the older brother and younger brother)

9.     Went on a 3-day juice fast
10.   Started a garden
11.   Serial dated
12.   Learned more about what I truly value in a partner

13.   Really learned that happiness is God-given and not dependent on circumstances or other people
14.   Showed my artwork in a public space
15.   Became a cousin
16.   Went dumpster diving

17.   Overcame my distaste of and inaptitude for small talk
18.   Sold my artwork to someone who doesn’t know me
19.   Adopted a dog
20.   Rolled sushi

21.   Effectively surprised my mom and dad with a gift they loved (not a small feat)
22.   Became a Sunday School teacher
23.   Modeled for a painter
24.   Sang at a karaoke bar

I turn 25 this a week from today.  I am so grateful for the past year (one of the best I've had yet).  I loved having all of the experiences above and feel like the bar is set high for next year.  I'm not really one for bucket lists, but I did make a list of things I'd like to do while 25.  That list and more next week.

What have you crossed off your list for this year?  What's on your bucket list for next year?


  1. Love this post! I was planning to do something similar since I turned 24 today. You accomplished quite a bit in 1 year! P.S. Your dog is toooo cute.

    1. Thanks. You should! I really enjoyed thinking over the last year and being grateful for how I've grown and what I've gotten to experience.

      Dusty gets away with WAY too much when he looks at me with those eyes. Cute, but a little tyrant (as I've documented in my almost weekly "Dusty the Destroyer" posts).

      Hope your birthday is wonderful. Looking forward to hearing about how you celebrate.

  2. Welcome to my age bracket! ;)


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