Saturday, March 31, 2012

on sewing

one of the Easter dresses my mom sewed for me
When I was little, my mom made most of my dresses.  She made my brother and dad matching plaid pajamas, created mommy and me outfits for the two of us, and sewed all of our halloween costumes.  She even had a small side business called "Double Takes" that featured some of her sewing designs for toddlers and moms.
me and my brother in mathing outfits made by my mom. excuse the haircut.

I have a theory that daughters with moms that sew don't end up sewing much.  I think part of it is because we have a go-to person who can make our outfits, dress our American Girl dolls, sew some pillows, hem our pants.  Although I started many a project so that I could learn how to sew, my mom ended up finishing most of them. 

another matching Christmas outfit made by mom
 Anyway, now I'm feeling the need to buck the trend.  Learning to sew would be a great skill to cultivate for now and beyond, when I have my own little ones.  So, with that in mind, I purchased a sewing machine this week.  It's nothing super fancy, but the reviews were great, it's tailored to beginners, but advanced sewers appreciate the features, too, so it will grow with me as I learn the basics.  I've been finding the following blogs and tutorials very helpful as I being my foray into sewing, though some of the projects are likely too ambitious for me at this point:

Sewing 201 by Elizabeth

Sewing Tutorials by Liz

Sewing Basics by Holly

Sewing Archive by Craftzine

Do you sew?  What's something you would love to learn how to do, but haven't yet taken the plunge?


  1. I had similar dresses (and unfortunately, a similar haircut!) made by my grandma. I eventually did learn to sew, and can now make quilts, purses, and other small things. I don't know about clothing, because I'm nervous about failing at it. But perhaps it's worth a shot! Thanks for sharing! I found you through Nicole's Girl party!

  2. Haha, that's great. It's nice to know that we can hold our heads high now that we govern our own hair choices. I've made a few pillows, but I'd love to give clothing a try, but I know what you mean about being apprehensive about it. I'm sure the skills you've learned on the other projects will help a lot, though! Thanks for stopping by!


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