Thursday, February 9, 2012

you know you're awesome when

sometimes, i feel like this white seal looks
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* you realize at 4:00 that your cardigan has been on inside-out all day.
* you wear tennis shoes with a dress into work since you rolled your ankle (and made a
   scene) during your first spinning class.
* you wipeout in the middle of the parking lot on your first day in heels since the spinning
   class debacle, due to the combo of said heels and some very roomy pant cuffs.
* you go back to pairing tennis shoes with dresses indefinitely.
* you listen to the glee and wicked soundtracks day after day because you don't have the
   administrator rights necessary to install flash on your work computer.
* you and your boyfriend compete to complete the wheel of fortune puzzles each night on
   tv.  this is the highlight of your day.
* your friend refers to you as the albino rhino.
* you still don't really know what this means, but decide to go with it.  I mean, it's kinda
* your boyfriend affectionately refers to you as katonce even though you are a slim, white
   girl with no rhythm.
* your dog chews entirely through your seat belt, forcing you to use a combination of knots
   and duct tape to render it of use again.  then he proceeds to pee in your trunk.

yes, all these things really did happen to me in the last two weeks.  But, I am grateful to report that I am back to wearing normal shoes to the office!  It's the little things.

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