Monday, February 20, 2012

game night

Juli and Zach pondering their answers to one particularly loaded question

On Friday, I hosted a Valentine's-themed Game Night.  And by Valentine's-themed, I mean that most of the food and decorations were pink and red. I made large and small red velvet cupcakes, strawberry cake pops covered in white and milk chocolate, chocolate lollipops, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

the sweet to salty, junk to healthy food ratio seemed appropriate for the valentine's themed-party.  you can see the celery sticks poking out in the background. strawberries (chocolate covered or not) count as fruits.

 I also found some strawberry Fitz's drinks, blood orange sparkling juice and raspberry lemonade to continue my pink and red theme.   

Sarah guessing everyone's answers to the question, "If you owned a funeral home, what would the slogan be?"

About 10 people showed and we mingled, ate and played a long game of Loaded Questions.  This is a great game for a large party, and even though not everyone knew each other, you wouldn't have guessed it by the third question. 

Looking perplexed that her guess for Stuart did not pan out

A night full of food, fun and friends for sure.  My favorite kind of night.  I'm already thinking about when to host another one, and what the theme should be.

Some Stuart and Diane love before the game commenced
What games are your favorite to play with a large group?  What kinds of themes have you come up with for parties or game nights that have been a particular hit?

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