Monday, February 27, 2012

dusty the destroyer: blinds edition

truer words have never been spoken
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Early on in my relationship with Dusty, I discovered that, when left to his own devices, boredom quickly crept in and he would resort to "re-arranging" my apartment to keep himself engaged and occupied.  I also discovered the hard way that he preferred to have the floor to ceiling windows in my living room, as well as the bank of windows in my bedroom, blinds-free.   This allowed him to look out without any obstructions and gave him lots of light in which to do his rearranging (nothing is worse than trying to reorganize in low light).

You know where this story is going.  Less than a month after adopting Dusty, I came home to shredded blinds, much like those pictured above.  One set of blinds in my living room was destroyed, and all three sets in my bedroom have seen better days.  I haven't had the guts to request four new sets of blinds from my landlord, though I'd be willing to chip in for them.  So I'm currently living without blinds in the living room, and dealing with one exposed window in my bedroom, coping with the mangled blinds in the other two windows as best I can.  Oh Dusty, it's a good thing you're cute.

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