Friday, January 27, 2012

dusty the destroyer: starter log edition

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Last night Dusty and I went over to my friend, Joe's (and by friend, I mean someone I am dating's) house to hang out and watch Horrible Bosses.  Before the movie, Joe and I decided we needed candy, so we headed down the street to Walgreen's.  I asked Joe if we could leave Dusty in the house since we would only be gone a short while.  Joe agreed and we closed all of the doors to the carpeted areas of his condo.  We snagged some Sour Patch Kids and were back to his door in ten minutes.  We opened the door to find an overjoyed Dusty, ready to get out of the house and do some exploring outside.  I noticed, as we let him out the front door, that he had some brown chunks of something on his white chest.  I asked Joe to take him out while I investigated the source of these mysterious brown chunks.  I entered Joe's condo and saw red Solo cups scattered on the floor and a trail of brown chunks leading to his light blue sofa.

an innocent looking Dusty. who knew a dog this cute could do so much damage!

As I got closer to the sofa, I realized that Dusty had carried two of Joe's starter logs from their home next to the fireplace to the couch.  He had ripped off the paper covering on the logs and gnawed into each, leaving a crumbly mess all over the sofa.  Wonderful.  Way to make an impression, Dusty.  Doesn't help that Joe likes his apartment clean, and that his couch is light blue!  I prayed that the log chunks would not stain the sofa as I started furiously sweeping chunk after chunk into a cake pan I found in Joe's kitchen.  I hoped to finish before Joe returned with Dusty, but mid-sweep I heard Dusty's paws on the stairs leading up to Joe's door.  Joe came through the door with Dusty, let out a suprised chuckle and said, "Wow, we were only gone for ten minutes, right?"
"Yeah, I know" I replied, equally stunned.  "Guess we wont be leaving him unsupervised at your place again."  Joe came over to gauge my progress and quickly asked me to lead Dusty into another room while he vacummed up the rest of the wood chunk mess.  Lucky for Dusty, the wood did not leave any stains on the couch, and in a matter of minutes, the couch was back to normal.  Lucky for me, we were invited back.  Crisis averted!

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