Monday, February 27, 2012

vintage find: bookends

Heavy midcentury modern stone agate quartz bookends
my bookends from High Street Market

Despite getting a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago, I still love having paper copies of my favorite books.  And, as a self-proclaimed book worm, I have lots of them.  Bookends can be expensive, but if you go the vintage route, you're apt to find unique looking ones for a fraction of the price of their newer counterparts.  It's also likely that the ones you find will be as unique as the rest of your carefully curated bookshelf.  Case in point:

1) Brass Clamshell Bookends, VintagePennyLane, $22
2) Ivory Marble Horse Bookends, LolaandMaddieVintage, $22
3) Modern Onyx Bookends, theelmsvintage, $45
4) Shoe Form Bookends, buffalowinter, $24
5) Natural Tree Woodblock Bookends, NoWorseforWear, $25
6) White Quartz/Agage Geode Bookends, hopehealshome, $40
7) Brass Loop Bookends, BeautifulLine, $27
8) Industrial Salvage Caster Sale 1 Bookend,  tippleandsnack, $24.99
9) Stained Glass and Wood Bookends, BeautifulLine, $38

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