Monday, May 7, 2012

25 while 25

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      In honor of turning a quarter of a century old this week (yikes!), I made a list of 25 things I'd like to do or accomplish this year.  I think most of them are do-able.  What's on your list of things you'd like to take a stab at this year?

1.       Learn to play guitar (at least 3 songs)
2.       Garden successfully
3.       Run a 5K
4.       Read the Bible
5.       Go to a shooting range
6.       Master the art of cleaning
7.       Learn to throw pottery (and maybe porcelain)
8.       Figure out if I want to go to grad school
9.       Travel to Israel
10.   Volunteer regularly, in an organized way
11.   Get some of my artwork into a retail store featuring local artists
12.   Learn to dance (really dance)
13.   Watch the dog obedience training DVDs my parents gave me, and implement the ideas shared (this one has to be achievable, right?)
14.   Advance spiritually (grow in my understanding of God and my relationship to Him)
15.   Go on a road trip to some place I’ve never been
16.   Re-connect with college friends
17.   Learn to sew
18.   Devote more time to art and my Etsy shop
19.   Join a book club
20.   Learn to appreciate sports more than I do right now/ Be able to understand Joe when he talks about Fantasy Baseball
21.   Stay-cation round two—explore more of St. Louis
22.   Take a Bible course
23.   Find another place to live
24.   Eliminate butter and sour cream from my shopping list (part of my effort to slowly eat vegan while at home)
25.   Write the lyrics and music to a few songs

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