Thursday, April 5, 2012

dusty 1, human 0

dusty's attempt at a non-violent protest
This afternoon I went home to make a smoothie for lunch.  I planned to be in and out and back to work, but dusty had other plans.  Not finding my 15-min quick lunch agreeable, he tried everything he could to keep me in the house.  When that failed, he wouldn't let me leave without him.  With my smoothie, workout gear and purse in one hand, I dragged him away from the door and into the living room countless times.  I told him to sit and stay, but he would have none of it. 

Finding it harder and harder to move him into the living room with my heels high and hands full, I opened the front door to put my stuff down on the front step.  Dusty exited and would not come back in.  When I called him, he ran to the sidewalk and plopped down.  He wouldnt budge.  I get near enough to him to be able to grab his collar and started to walk him toward the house.  He resisted and I didn't want to drag him, so I left him outside and returned to the kitchen where I could see him through the blinds. 

I decided to clean up a bit and wait for him to come to his senses and get up to come back in the house.  This never happened.  Twently minutes of cleaning and he still hadn't budged.  I knew I really needed to get back to work, so I grabbed his leash, made one more futile attempt to get him back into the apartment, and then let him come in the car with me to work.  I feel like such a pushover dog parent, and I hate that he doesn't see me as an authority (especially when he quickly changes his tune if my dad is the one demanding obedience).  He is usually pretty obedient when I am with him (when I'm not around, the things of dusty the destroyer fame tend to happen), but not today.

Are there any tips you have on getting your pet to listen to you?  Any tricks you've learned to avoid similar scenarios?  I am so in need of good ideas right now, as I would rather not have a repeat performance.

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