Sunday, March 4, 2012

dusty the destroyer: leash edition

Dusty's fourth leash in as many months

So I realize that this post may seem mild compared to the other post I've written about Dusty destroying various things around the house and car.  However, regularly chewing through his leashes proves a costly and time-consuming problem to fix.  While Dusty is very obedient off leash, when I want to walk him around the neighborhood, I need to make sure that he is on a leash.  Dusty doesn't mind being on a leash when we walk.  He is much more concerned about herding me than anything else. 

However, in the car, I used to use the leash to tether him to one of the seats, wrapping the leash around one of the seatbelts in the back of my car.  This would encourage him to avoid attempting to jump in the passenger's seat while we were en route to our destination.   At some point, soon after the seat belt incidents (yes, incidents), he discovered that he could chew through most things (next dusty post will cover the damage done to the dashboard in my car) and proceeded to chew through three leashes in protest for being relegated to the back seat.  I've finally decided to use other methods to encourage Dusty to stay in the back seat (treats, bones, food, verbal encouragement, right-arm flailing and sudden stops), and these have worked marginally well, while helping to ensure that his latest leash lasts through Spring.  A girl can dream.

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