Sunday, March 4, 2012

make it: crepe paper wreath

yellow crepe paper flower wreath in progress

I've been thinking Spring lately, and want to be totally prepared when it comes.  With that in mind, I picked up a few green wreath forms, crepe paper and glue gun refils for a project I wanted to try.  I've seen crepe paper flowers all over the web and thought a bunch would look pretty around a wreath.  I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this idea, but I still think it is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to get a spring wreath for your door in time for the warmer months.  To make a wreath similar to this one, you'll need:

2 rolls of crepe paper in the color(s) you'd like your wreath to be
a wreath form
glue gun and hot glue sticks
opposable thumbs (to acquire and master crepe paper twisting skills)

step 1 - wrap the wreath

start by taking a roll of crepe paper and gluing the end of the paper on to the inner rim or back of the wreath form.

wrap the crepe paper around the wreath form, pulling the paper taut, and overlapping each loop with the previous one. 

make sure as you wrap the wreath form that no green background is visible. continue until the entire wreath form is covered in crepe paper.

a crepe paper flower
step 2 - make the flowers

cut about a 2 1/2' piece of crepe paper and begin twisting it  loosely until all 2 1/2' has been twisted. 

begin at one of the ends and roll the twisted crepe paper into a snail (and eventually flower) shape, letting some of the paper be more loosely twisted and other parts have a tighter twist to make each flower look unique. 

when you reach the end of your piece of paper, glue the end flush against the flower so that you cannot see where the paper stops or begins.

repeat until you have enough flowers to fill the wreath (I needed 16).

my pink crepe paper wreath

step 3 - adhere the flowers to the wreath

using a hot glue gun, secure the flowers to the wreath.  put a dollop of glue on the back of each flower and press it firmly on to the wreath.

hang and hope for Spring!

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