Saturday, March 24, 2012

confluence trash bash

Our trash bash group

This morning, Joe and I participated in Trailnet's Confluence Trash Bash at a local park near the river.  Equipped with large gardening gloves and several trash bags, we walked the gravel paths around the park picking up old bottles and cans, cloth, old tires and paper trash.  Among our most interesting finds: a porcelain sink, a couch, a car bumper, a deer hide and several tortoise shells.  Trailnet decided to make the trash bash more interesting by encouraging us to keep track of our most interesting and most valuable finds, to be shared later in the afternoon, during lunch.

some of our findings

We walked with two nice couples who, we found out in conversation, knew some of the same people that we did.  One of the husbands, who made his own trash pick-up skewer/stick (the technical term, I'm sure), let me borrow it on the way back and I had a blast harpooning the heck out of cans and bottles alike. 

Joe with one of several bags of trash
All in all it was a great time.  The weather was beautiful, the route was scenic, the people were fun and it was a worthy cause to support.  I've been wanting to do more in the way of community service, and Joe and I brainstormed other ways we could support our city while we filled our garbage bags.  What sorts of things do you like to do to give back to your community?

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