Wednesday, February 1, 2012

make it: super bowl table cloth

This year, my boyfriend is hosting a Super Bowl party at his house.  I agreed to help with decorations and food.  Last night, I made a football field table cloth for the day.  It was an easy DIY and I think it will make an impact on his kitchen table.  I've outlined how you can make your own below:


large, rectangular sheet of green felt
3, 8.5 x 11 sheets of white felt with adhesive backing
tape measure
straight edge (ruler, level, etc)


1. Lay out your piece of green felt.
2. Flip your white felt so that the adhesive part of the felt faces upwards, but do not remove the backing to expose the sticky part of felt.  With the felt positioned vertically, make tick marks every half inch, and draw a straight line down the length of the felt for every tick mark.  These white strips will help make up the lines on the football field.

3.  Cut out each strip of white felt and group into sets of three.  You will need nine sets of three to make your yard lines.

4. Trace the letters of each team name onto the back of another piece of white felt, as well as the numbers for each yard line.  You will have to trace the numbers twice.  If you want to print out letters letters and numbers from your computer and trace them onto the felt, you can do that.  I chose to freehand the letters and numbers for the purpose of quickness and to make the tablecloth look a little more handmade.

5. Cut out all of the letters and numbers.

6. Measure your green piece of felt and place the yard lines equidistant from each other on the felt. When you have the yard lines the way you want them, remove the backing and adhere to the green felt.  Place the names of the teams on either side of the felt, near the end zones and attach once you are happy with the placement.  Place the numbers on each yard line (see picture for suggested placement), and stick to the green felt when you are satisfied with the way the numbers look.

Et voila. A tablecloth worthy of the Super Bowl!

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