Saturday, February 18, 2012

lip-smacking good: cake pop edition

my 2nd attempt at cake pops. strawberry cake with strawberry icing, dipped in white chocolate.

Ok, so this feels like cheating a little bit, since there isn't much of a recipe to follow, but these were delicious and so fun to make.  No question, I am a cake-pop convert.  There are cake pop recipes all over the Internet, so I won't post one here, but I will say that the sure-fire way to get the cake balls to stay on the lollipop sticks is to dip them in melted chocolate first.  Then, push the melted part of the stick 3/4 of the way into the cake ball.  Some of the melted chocolate will ooze out of the cake ball and form a circle around the base of the cake ball.  This is fine, and helps anchor the cake ball on the stick.  It also helps to refrigerate the balls for a little while before dipping them into the melted chocolate.  Either way though, the cake pops should stay on the stick when submerged in the chocolate.  And a little chocolate goes a long way.  Also, if you decide you want to embellish your cake pop with sprinkles and such, make sure to do this right after dipping, as the sprinkles will not stick to hardened chocolate.

Good luck on your cake pop adventures.  Have you ever made them?  Any advice you have that I neglected to mention?

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