Thursday, March 8, 2012

vintage find: lamps

my lamps from here and here
  I like a well-lit space as much as the next girl, but have been less than impressed by the quality, value and style of lamps in retail stores.  While not all vintage lamps are inexpensive, you can find many that are sturdy, beautiful and reasonably priced.  Since my apartment does not have any overhead lighting in the living room, I rely on lamps to keep the area lit well after the sun has set.  Here are a few of my favorite handmade or pre-owned lamps.

1) Brass Mid-Century Desk Lamp, ImagineBetty, $39
2) Glass Lamp Modern Lighting Minimalist, LukeLampCo, $109
3) Vintage Marble Lamp, LittleDogVintage, $60
4) Vintage Brasstone Gooseneck Desk Lamp, ThirdShift, $60
5) Pair of Vintage Glass Ball and Orange Base Lamps, oppning, $92.42
6) Modern Chrome Table Lamp, GallivantingGirls, $92
7) Modern Metal Spotlight Lamp, GallivantingGirls, $45
8) Vintage Green Enamel Pendant Lamp, highstreetmarket, $115
9) Vintage Retro Orange Table Lamp, FishboneDeco, $52
10) 1960s Mod Ceramic Ball Lamp, elefantdesign, $22

And, if you're in the market for a lampshade for your new lamp, High Street Market has some quality, but affordable ones in their standalone shop.

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