Monday, January 30, 2012

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On Sunday, Joe and I met up with our friends, Diane and Stuart, for an event called, Sloup.  I have been wanting to go to Sloup for months, but have been busy or forgotten about it each time. Sloup is a monthy soup dinner that provides artists the opportunity to submit proposals for micro-grants.  Your admission to Sloup goes into a pot and the artist with the winning proposal gets the proceeds. 

mingling, voting, eating soup

Past winners have purchased a button-maker which they use with the children they help to make buttons to wear.  Another artist asked for money to fund a project where she took photographs of abandoned buildings in the area and made them into postcards which she sprinkled all over the city.  This month, Sloup was hosted at several artists' homes.  We chose to attend one in South City, at the home of chef and artist, Clara Moore, who cooks for Local Harvest

Diane, Stuart and Zeke, hanging out at Sloup

She made an amazing vegan Butternut Squash soup and a Ham and Bean soup that Diane, Stuart and Joe all enjoyed.  We mingled with other artists, ate soup and read the ten proposals submitted for the night.  Joe and I ended up voting to support a new local art magazine, Piecrust, with their operation.  The winner will be announced later today.  It was a really fun event, and I am trying to convince Joe to throw one with me at his house next month.  I am also trying to convince him to get a hedgehog and name her Penelope (pronounced Pen-eh-lope), which may be just as likely.

Bailey's Chocolate Bar, open 'til 12AM

Despite spending time with Diane and Stuart at Sloup, it was crowded enough that we didn't get to talk to them enough, so we asked them to check out Bailey's Chocolate Bar, a restaurant in Lafayette Square that specializes in chocolate desserts and drinks.  Joe and I got some delicious Nutella and strawberry crepes and we got to catch up with Diane and Stuart some more.

All in all it was a very fun, very full weekend!

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